Thresherman’s Parade

Sunday, September 2, 2018, Start time 1:15 pm, Pontiac, Illinois
**(See the details below for anyone volunteering to come early to decorate the float)
We will line up at the staging area at 12:15 on South Street, near Lincoln Elementry School (514 S. Main St.) The Livingston Dems have parade number 23W.
Sara Dady,  Democratic Congressional Candidate, 16th District,  will  march with the LCD democrats,  as will the democrat County Board candidates.
We encourage you to wear your blue “Livingston County Democrats” T-shirt if you have one. We will carry the LCD banner, carry campaign signs, hand out flyers, wave flags. If unable to walk there will be bales of hay, to sit on, on the trailer.
**We welcome anyone who wants to help assemble the “float” (truck and trailer) to join in at 10:15 am, across the street from Paul and Sharon Pouliot’s home at 1221 N. Chicago Street, Pontiac (near the parade’ s ending location). As this will be mid morning and the parade will not conclude until approx 2:30 ish, water, seasonal fruit, snacks will be available after we assemble the float. Or if you have a food preference or special diet you may wish to bring something for yourself. Or there might be time to grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant before the line up begins at 12:15.
Parking for parade participants is available at the Bank of Pontiac parking lot, 300 W. Washingston as only vehicles registered in the parade will be allowed in the staging area. One might also park on the various city streets where allowed, in the blocks south of the parade staging area. When the parade ends, on the north side of town, participants may catch a ride on the trailer, back to the south side, to the vicinity of their car if needed.