County Board Meeting Tonight 6pm

1190 people in Livingston County signed a petition stating they would like the board to  “Hear” their opinions on public health programs. The citizens non-binding advisory referendum is a chance for voters opinions to be heard. If the voters indicate on the November ballot that they favor the county supporting health and social services, this provides a chance for the county board and public health to develop a program.
When did the board decide to place it’s question about another program on the ballot?  Have there been any public meetings or discussions of this alternative program? Is there an outline, plan, or even public discussion of the program the board is proposing? Besides using a state statute for a senior citizens tax levy, what ideas for a program are being developed?
Here’s a link to an article in the Daily Leader concerning the additional referendum question with some response from the board.
Residents are encouraged to attend tonight’s board meeting to make their concerns known to board members. The meeting is at 6pm at the old Courthouse on the square in Downtown Pontiac at 6pm.