Press Release

Livingston County Board Referendum

A group of citizens has been working to get a non-partisan, advisory referendum on the November 2018 ballot. There is a need for more than 900 signatures by early August. This action was inspired by the County Board’s vote to eliminate the Livingston County Community Health Care program in November of 2018, a program that provides some home nursing and housekeeping assistance at a sliding scale rate, for citizens who are not served by other programs and who wish to stay in their homes. This program has been running since 2009, after the board determined to close the county nursing home. This was after a 2005 advisory referendum when more than 70% of the county residents voted to maintain and/or build a new nursing home, to care for Livingston County citizen’s needs. Community care was intended to provide services for those who did not need nursing home care.
Currently, this home care assistance is the growing trend for senior and disabled care. This permits citizens to remain in their homes, paying taxes, using local businesses and services, and maintaining the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.
The advisory referendum, worded as
“Should the Livingston County Board maintain an adequate budget to provide county residents with the support they need to experience and maintain independent living?” answered by yes or no.
This question on the ballot provides a non-partisan means of showing the County Board feelings pro or con about how tax dollars should be spent. It is an opportunity to express yourself on this topic.
If you are interested in signing a petition, you can contact Earl Reints (815 844 6918), John Reis (815 692 3634), or joanE. lipinski (815 844 5831).